Kaloyan Nenkov

Kaloyan Nenkov

Kaloyan Nenkov was born and raised in the city of Varna and his development as an artist goes through various and very interesting stages.

He started working proffesionally in jewelry design and production ten years ago.
He spent several years in Athens where he began to develop his skills as a photoprapher. His first visual searches were in the direction of studying the human body as an object, part of the environment.

He started painting five years ago and formed an recognizable style with a strong tendency towards radical neo-expressionism with a naive approach, natural, expressive and strong lines, pure colors in researching postmodern reality.

In his artistic practice Kaloyan studies himself in phyhological amd philosophical sencr, with self-irony in a deliberately childish, way, creating a surreal plot that affects directly.

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